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by Bart on September 25, 2009

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I am embarking on a journey to discover the raw food lifestyle. And since it’s much more fun to travel with company, I’d like to invite you to join me.

To be honest, I am not sure where this journey will lead. In the end, I might end up not changing anything about my vegan diet, I might add more raw foods, I might become a raw foodist (someone who eats more than 75% of their food in raw form), or I might stop eating cooked food entirely.

My goal is not to earn a specific label, so to speak, but rather to figure out what works best for me, and to do that I am planning on eating mostly raw for 30 days and share my progress on this blog.

I have not yet decided when the 30 day period will begin, mostly because I usually like to educate myself about things I am about to attempt before diving in. And in this case, I think this is especially important. First of all, I need to know what to eat so that I will not get discouraged. Variety is the key, but so is taste. I also want to find out what to expect from my body during this period. I know about various detox symptoms, having done the Master Cleanse a few times, but as on the cleanse, I am hoping those will be mild and minimal.

So, even though it might still be a few weeks before I begin my 30 day raw food challenge, I decided to start the blog early, so that I can share my raw education with you as well.

I’ve also said that I am planning on eating mostly raw. By that I do not mean that I’ll still have cooked rice once in a while, or anything of that sort. It simply means that if I am on my way out and have no time to prepare a raw meal to take with me, or it’s not feasible to carry one around, I will not worry that the Larabar or two I’ll have that day are only 90% raw. And then there are almonds and cashews… neither of which are usually raw, as I have learned, and I certainly do not want to exclude them at this point.

Ever since I started seriously considering this raw food diet challenge, my excitement about it has grown to the levels I can compare only to what I felt when preparing to learn to fly a few years ago. And that was a really fun year… so I am hoping the next few months will be a blast as well.

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