The Master Cleanse – Day 8

by Bart on March 27, 2010


Today pretty much followed the pattern of the last few days. With one big exception – after my early morning lax tea induced bathroom adventures, I went back to sleep. And did not wake up until 10:20am :-)

Ahhh… that felt good.

Although, between going to sleep very late last night, and being up for almost two hours early in the morning (most of it was not lax tea related), I probably got only a little bit more sleep than during other nights on the cleanse.

I did not want to drink my first lemonade soon after my salt water flush, so I did not have the first two cups until almost 2:00pm. By the time it was 6:00pm, I had to make myself have cups 3 and 4. I was not hungry at all, and getting “food” just seemed like an inconvenience :-)

Since 6 cups are the absolute minimum one should be having on the cleanse, I had another two at 8:00pm. Strangely enough, just now, is the first time today I am feeling a mild hunger.

It was a great day energy-wise, and nothing unusual happened. I am probably going to skip posting tomorrow, unless things change, because, well, there is nothing new to report.

Day 10 will be interesting because I am going to make a decision whether to end the cleanse or extend it further. During my past cleanses, I was already greatly bored of the lemonade by now, but that has not yet happened this time. I feel that I could really do this for quite a while longer.

That, of course, might change in the next 43 hours. But if it does not by then, my Monday evening trip to the store will be to buy more lemons and nothing more.

If I do extend my Master Cleanse, it will be to 14 days. At which point I will consider whether to extend it further. But I’ve also set an upper limit of 20 days. If, by any chance, I get that far, I’ll call it quits regardless of how I am feeling. Eating might seem like an inconvenience, but I hear it’s good for you ;-)

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