The Master Cleanse – Day 5

by Bart on March 24, 2010


This was the worst night, or rather early morning, on the Master Cleanse I have ever experienced. So much so, that for a little while I was actually considering breaking the fast today.

Last night I had my lax tea around 9:00pm, and went to sleep around 11:30pm. I was woken up by mild cramps a few minutes before 5:00am, and went to the bathroom. Few moments later, the cramps intensified significantly and stayed painful for most of the next 40 minutes. For about 10 minutes out of those 40, I’d describe them as very painful.

It was during those moments that I was ready to give up.

But, I am not going to. Instead I will adjust my lax tea regiment a bit. After consulting the Master Cleanse book, it is clear that painful cramps, are supposed to be a rare occurrence. This is consistent with my experiences during my prior cleanses.

For those who are experiencing bad cramping, the book suggests using senna tea mixed with other herbs at about 1:1 ratio. I am already using Smooth Move tea, which is only 54% senna. However, I am going to dilute it further and only steep 3/4 of a cup, then add 1/4 cup of water.

In addition, I am going to steep the tea for only 10 minutes, instead of 12 I have been so far. The instructions on the tea bag mention 10-15 minute range for steeping. But, of course, this is meant for a digestive system that is full of food.

Between these two adjustment, I hope my next few nights will be less painful. If not, I’ll adjust the ratio and steeping time further.

I still have mild cramps, although not painful ones. I’ve had my salt water few minutes ago, but so far that did not make much of a difference.

I did manage to get another hour of sleep after being woken up early, which is good, but I am feeling extra tired and even a bit sleepy this morning. Let’s hope the lemonade helps… but that’s still almost 2 hours away :-(


Things changed quickly. About half an hour after I wrote the above, I was feeling much better. The feeling of tiredness went away and I was able to focus on work. I did not even realize when it was 10:30am and it was time for the first two cups of my lemonade.

Good level of energy continued throughout the day. Unlike yesterday, I did not feel hunger at all. I had two more cups of lemonade at 1:30pm, then another two at 4:15pm. Just now I finished an extra cup, just in case I might get hungry later in the evening.

I am getting a bit tired now, though, although considering that I’ve been living on between 700 and 800 calories per day, and only slept 6.5 interrupted hours last night, that’s not surprising.

The most interesting thing about today is that it matched exactly what happened to me on day 5 of my cleanse a year ago. Very painful cramps followed by a quite a good day. Day 6 was “crampless” last year, so I am hopeful (but still diluting my lax tea). Morning of day 7, however, was much like the one on day 5. Ouch.

Lax tea time… :-)

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