The Master Cleanse – Day 4

by Bart on March 23, 2010


I am starving!

I’ve already had 6 lemonades today and my next 2 cups are not “scheduled” to be had until about an hour and a half from now. I remember reading that drinking a glass or two of water can dull hunger for a little while. So that’s what I am trying.

Last night I slept well, but was awoken by mild cramps around 5:00am. Three quick trips to the bathroom over the next 40 minutes took care of the lax tea’s doing, and I was able to get back to sleep for another 2 hours.

The salt water flush was fairly uneventful today. I’ve noticed that the aftereffects of the SWF are much easier to bear on the weekends. The thing about the weekends is that I usually do not have my first lemonade until 2 hours or so after drinking the salt water. So, I waited just over 2 hours today as well, and sure enough, things were better than yesterday.

The entire morning I was feeling cold, in spite of the thermostat being cranked up. I was considering making some hot peppermint tea, but last time I had it, it gave me heartburn, so I decided to just tough it out, temperature-wise.

During lunch time, I decided to take a hot shower, and that warmed me up enough that for the rest of the afternoon I had a window open. In spite of the cool 52 degree weather outside.

Now it’s time to get some relaxing done.


What do you know. Drinking 2 glasses of water actually helped, and the hunger went away. I did some work around the house and watched some TV, then made my lemonade, which I have just now finished drinking.

8 full cups today, once again.

I was thinking earlier today that next week at this time I will breaking the cleanse. I had thought I might let this one run a bit longer than the first two, which were both 10 days, but so far, I think this one has been the least pleasant of the three. I have not, at least not yet, experienced an increase in energy and ease of concentration. In fact the opposite is happening – I’ve been mostly tired.

Then again, it’s only day 4, and by day 8 things might look very differently :-)

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