The Master Cleanse – Day 2

by Bart on March 21, 2010


I ended up going to bed shortly after 8pm last night, but did not fall asleep in spite of how tired I was. As I was watching TV, I started getting more and more hungry, and had a series of cravings for most unusual foods. Unusual, because most of them were not even vegan – things I have not had for 10 or more years.

Eventually, around 9:30pm, I decided to get up and make myself another cup of lemonade – just one this time. Shortly after drinking it, not only hunger and cravings disappeared, but my energy levels increased enough that I did not go back to bed, opting to do some reading instead.

I had my lax tea at around 10:30pm, and stayed up until well after midnight.

Unlike during the night before, last night, the senna tea woke me up at 5:00am, and I spent most of the next 45 minutes in the bathroom. I experienced some cramps, but they were rather light.

Around 6:00am, I went back to sleep and did not wake up until 10:45am.

I promptly had my salt water flush, but have yet to see any results of that :-)


Today was a much better day than yesterday, both mood and energy-wise. This is exactly what I had expected.

I’ve had my 6 cups of lemonade, split into three 16oz servings at 12:45pm, 4:00pm, and 6:15pm. And just now I am drinking my 7th cup. I was not planing on this last one, but after last night’s experiences I’d rather have it now, then get hungry in an hour.

I spent most of the day relaxing, but I did manage to do a short 15 minute strength workout mid-day. Well, 20 minutes if you count the warm up ;-) Given that I am not eating any protein, I want to send the signal to my body that I’m still going to need my muscles after all this is done, so please burn something else. I am not sure to what extent that works, if at all, but since exercise is almost never a bad thing, I might as well.

Tomorrow is day 3, and also Monday, so it’s time to go back to work. Luckily, I work from home, so neither the salt water flush, nor preparing the lemonade, is going to be much of an issue. However, drinking so much liquid (I drink a ton of water in addition to the lemonades) does cause me to have to take frequent breaks, which might not be too pleasant during long conference calls.

I am sure these posts will become more interesting once I start experiencing some detox symptoms, which is something that usually does not happen until day 3 or 4. Unless, of course, you are a coffee drinker, which I am not.

It’s time for me to brew the lax tea, then get to bed.

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