The last supper… before going raw

by Bart on October 9, 2009

In three hours, at the stroke of midnight, my 30 day raw food lifestyle trial will begin.

Over the last few days I have eaten most of my favorite cooked meals. After all, who knows – if I end up enjoying the next month too much – I might not have a chance, or even a desire, to have any of them again. But that’s a long stretch.

Tonight, I opted for a big meal. A Thanksgiving like belt buckle buster, which 30 minutes after you’ve had it, makes you say… “ughhh.. even though it was excellent, I wish I had not eaten this much” :-)

I figured, I want my last cooked meal to taste great, but I also want that not so good feeling associated with it to remember. I think it might come in useful if strong cravings should overcome me.

So, tonight I had:

  • onion rings
  • Old El Paso Stew over mashed potatoes
  • a raspberry shortcake – I was craving a tiramisu, but it was not available

Old El Paso Stew and Onion Rings

Old El Paso Stew and Onion Rings

Raspberry shortcake

Raspberry shortcake

All of the above were cooked and vegan, of course – from Kaya’s Kitchen.

And now, I can turn my attention to tomorrow, and the days that follow…

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Jodie October 9, 2009 at 10:06 pm

Man, that looks good. Good luck!

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