The 1 day raw food diet test

by Bart on September 27, 2009

Today, I decided to do a test run and eat raw only for the entire day.

Rather than having the customary three meals, I found myself eating 5 different times.

Meal #1 – Raw strawberry cheesecake and fruit

A cheesecake, made with cheese, might not be the best choice of breakfast food. In the raw world, though, when a cheesecake is made of nuts and fruit, and without added sugars and other processed ingredients, it makes for a delicious start to the day. I will write more about it, including a recipe, in an upcoming post.

The raw cheesecake was followed by an orange and two kiwi fruit.

Meal #2 – Green smoothie

About 2 hours later, I was starting to get hungry, so I decided to make myself a smoothie. Since I’ve already had bananas (in the cheesecake), I decided to go with a Fuji apple as the sweet fruit to counteract the greens I would be putting in my drink. I had a container of mixed salad greens that was to expire tomorrow, so I went with that. I also added two stalks of celery to the mix. The total with some water and ice came to about 30oz.

Since I opted to go with only one apple, the drink was very flavorful, and only mildly sweet. I’ve been drinking green juices and smoothies for a number of years (although only occasionally), so to me, it tasted delicious. If this was my first green drink, I would have liked for it to be sweeter.

Meal #3 – Raw strawberry cheesecake

I need to eat the entire 9″ pie before it goes bad, so the choice here was easy :-) And delicious.

Meal #4 – Mediterranean wraps

A health food store near me carries containers of pre-made raw meals. I decided to try a few of them, just in case I am in a mood for slightly more “gourmet” raw meal from time to time during my 30 days. The wraps were ok… I am not sure it they are worth the $6 they cost.

Another raw meal, made by the same company, was delicious (I tried it on Friday) – it was a raw lasagna. Of course, without pasta and cheese. The base was made from zucchini, and cheese was cashew based.

Meal #5 – Non-green salad with raw tahini dip

Non-green salad is simply what I call cut non-leafy veggies and some sort of a dip. I was watching a movie, and did not feel like spending much time making another smoothie, so I just grabbed some carrots, a red pepper, and cucumber, and dipped them in raw tahini. For a moment I considered looking for some tahini based dip recipes, but decided that I’ll have time for that latter :-) The veggie platter was delicious.

As I am writing, I am realizing I should have taken photos of most of those meals, so that I can have a record of things like amounts of food, for example. I’ll try to do that during the 30 day trial, whenever that happens.

So, what are the results of my 1 day trial?

To be honest I feel… stuffed, but at the same time not quite satisfied. I definitely have a feeling that something is missing, which I guess is a sign that I’ve done this right ;-)

It’s not a very strong feeling, so I do not think it will cause me much trouble. I’m still probably going to try to get rid of it with a Medjool date in a few moments.

One thing that surprised me is how easy it is to eat such a great variety of fruit and veggies in one day. I was a little worried that I would end up eating the same few things over and over, but perhaps that will not be the case at all.

And as to tomorrow… I’m already pretty sure it will be a mixed day: raw cheesecake for breakfast, chocolate tofu knish for lunch, and hummus and avocado wraps with sprouts and greens for dinner. In between I’ll most likely have a green smoothie or two. One can never have too many green smoothies.

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