Taking a few days off

by Bart on October 6, 2009

The big day – the beginning of my 30 day raw food trial – is almost here.

I want to make sure that I have no commitments this weekend, so that during the first few days eating raw, I can relax… read, watch movies, and play Fallout 3 :-)

As a result, I decided to take two or three days off from blogging, and take care of things I would normally take care of over the weekend.

But before I sign off, I’d like to share with you what I have eaten today. Not the healthiest raw fare, given the two pieces of “cheesecake”, but it was all about clearing out the fridge of things that are about to go bad! :-)

Meal #1

A green smoothie made from:

  • 4 medium kale leaves
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 fuji apple
  • water and ice

Meal #2:

1 piece of raw cashew cheesecake

Meal #3

1 small package (4.4 oz) of fresh raspberries

Meal #4

1 Raw Pizza (store bought)
3 dates
green tea with lemon

Meal #5

1 piece of raw cashew cheesecake – last piece

Meal #6

Cooked meal – Seitan Medallions over brown rice – still have few frozen meals from Veggie Brothers in the freezer. They will be my breakfasts and dinners until the weekend :-)

See you in a few days!

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