Raw food trial – day 3

by Bart on October 12, 2009

When you think about opening the lid of your kitchen trash can, what scents come to mind?

How about pleasantly sweet?

Seriously, an aroma of a trash can full of nothing but pineapple shavings, a coconut shell, ends of celery stalks and zucchini peels is an unforeseen bonus when eating raw. To make things even better, I’m going to have to have some oranges tomorrow :-)

Ok, enough of this trash talk… let’s talk about what I ate today.

Meal #1 @ 8:00am

I was not hungry when I woke up, but since it’s a workday, I wanted to have a full meal before powering on the computer and logging in. Even though I am mostly working from home, during the workweek I’d rather stick to a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner times for my major meals.

For my morning smoothie (26oz), I combined:

  • 6 romaine lettuce leaves
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • half of a pineapple
  • 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
  • big handful of goji berries
  • water and ice
Pineapple goji green smoothie

Pineapple goji green smoothie

In this smoothie, it’s the goji berries that take the place of the banana to sweeten the concoction, and they do well enough job of it. Although if I make this one again, I’d still probably add a banana and more water to bring the volume up to 32 ounces or more.

Meal #2 @ 12:30pm

I decided to have a young coconut for my mid day meal.

Open young coconut

Open young coconut

They are delicious and worth trying if you’ve never tried them before. Coconuts might seem like a chore to open, but there is a method to it. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing exactly how to do this, and here’s one of them:

If you cannot get a coconut open with one whack of your knife like in the video above, don’t worry. I’ve now opened about a dozen of them, and it still takes me 10 or so tries to crack the top. But it does relieve stress, so I am not complaining ;-) Of course, the small size of my knife’s heel might be the reason.

Instead of just eating the coconut, I decided to make a smoothie – without any greens this time. To get 24oz smoothie, I used:

  • 1 young coconut – water and “meat”
  • 9oz of fresh strawberries
  • 1 banana
Coconut strawberry smoothie

Coconut strawberry smoothie

There was no need to add water or ice to this drink. It was excellent.

Meal #3 @ 5:30pm

For my after work meal I had zucchini pasta with raw marinara – leftovers from yesterday. This is a very filling meal, and since I made the sauce extra spicy, it also warmed me up quite a bit.

My snacks today were:

  • 2 cups of ginger tea
  • 3 walnuts, 1 macadamia nut
  • 2 kiwi fruit
  • handful of a sprout mix – green peas, adzuki beans, lentils
  • 2 handfuls of goji berries
  • 1 raw macaroon – cocoa flavored
  • 3 dates
  • 1 cup of green tea with lemon and stevia

Yes, you have read it correctly – I had my first non-raw item – a slice of cooked lemon :-)

It was a very cool day, and I needed to warm up. Having already had two ginger teas, I decided to go for something different – a cup of my favorite: green tea with lemon. Before I started this raw food challenge, I used to have 2 – 3 cups of hot green tea per day, even in the Summer months. There is a bit of caffeine in it, but it’s a negligible amount.

But believe it or not, having the cooked lemon was not the most exciting part of the day. I’ve joined the local raw food Meetup group, and this evening received an invitation to next month’s meeting. But it will not be “just another potluck” (which would be great too!), but rather an event featuring two long time raw foodists and educators – Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch. You can see both of them in the videos in my What is a raw food vegan diet? post. I am really looking forward to meeting them and many local raw foodists. It should be a fun day.

But for now, on to day 4…

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