Raw food trial – day 18

by Bart on October 27, 2009

I woke up this morning a little bit more than an hour earlier than my alarm clock was set to. I was very, very thirsty. My lips were very dry, and my throat was sore – although it was a different feeling than when getting sick.

I had 2 glasses of water, and that seemed to have helped, but I was not able to go back to sleep, and as a result, I was pretty tired most of the morning.

Although I had planned to drink plenty of water on a raw food diet, I find myself drinking very little. Fruits and veggies are all mostly water, so I am pretty much never thirsty, and rather than having a few glasses of water throughout the day, like I normally do on a cooked vegan diet, I usually have just 1 (not counting the water in smoothies, chia gel, etc.).

So, on one hand, I think I may need to drink more water, but on the other hand – this has not happened before in the last few weeks, so perhaps it has something to do with my failed meal experiment from last night. Sesame oil and nama shoyu are not things I’ve had before while eating raw, so it is possible that the extra sodium caused the problem.

At around lunchtime my energy levels came back to normal – before I ate, so there is no need to attribute that to the cacao ;-)

Today I had:

Meal #1 @ 8:00am

For this morning’s smoothie, I used:

  • 5 oz of baby spinach
  • 2 apples, red delicious
  • 1 pear, bartlett
  • water and ice

This was a large, 44 oz drink. I had 32 oz in the morning, and drunk the rest in the evening. I gotta say – a refrigerated green smoothie is perhaps even more awesome than a freshly made one. At least this one was.

By volume, the fruit to greens ratio in this smoothie was about 1 to 1 – lower than what I’ve had in the last few days. I wanted to find out the approximate point where I no longer have digestive issues. With 1:1 ratio, I had to make a few trips to the bathroom after drinking this smoothie, but it was not as bad as on some other days. I think I will stick with 60 to 80% of fruit in my green smoothies – that seems to work best for me.

Meal #2 @ 12:30pm

I made a chocolate chia porridge for lunch again. This dish takes about 5 minutes to make, it’s nutritious, tastes great, and keeps me satisfied for hours. And since I was starting to run out of fresh foods, it was a good choice.

You can find the recipe and photos in the raw food trial day 17 post.

Meal #3 @ 8:00pm

For dinner, I made raw zucchini pasta with marinara sauce. After my unsuccessful attempt at making a meal last night, I wanted something familiar and delicious :-)

Raw marinara ingredients

Raw marinara ingredients

I actually spent a good minute or two taking in the aroma of all the sauce ingredients before turning on the food processor.

The meal came out super delicious.

Raw zucchini pasta with marinara

Raw zucchini pasta with marinara

Although it would probably look more presentable if served on a plate instead of using a plastic blue bowl. The bowl, though, is much more useful in preventing sauce stains all around. On the other hand, it’s harder than a plate to lick clean ;-) I guess everything has pros and cons.

My snacks today were:

  • half a bag of kale tempuraw
  • handful of goji berries

On to day 19…

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