Raw food trial – day 1

by Bart on October 10, 2009

After my big meal last night, I did not go to sleep until very late, and as a result did not wake up until after 9:00am. Since I was not hungry, I decided to take a shower and go food shopping before eating anything for breakfast.

I did however have two glasses of water. As I have been doing my research, I came to a conclusion that it might be a good idea to separate eating and drinking as much as possible, to help the digestive system do its job better. This is not something that I would find easy to do when eating a regular diet, but raw veggies and fruit already contain a lot of water, sometimes as much as 90%+ of their volume, so there is no need to sip additional water while having a meal.

When at the health food store, I discovered that there are few shelves with raw products in there – not pre-made meals (these are in the refrigerated section), but goodies such as lucuma powder, maca, raw cacao, and others. I am not sure how I have missed them before.

I passed on most of those today, since I have an order of many “exotic” raw foods already on its way from an online store. But I did pick up a few things that I have never had before – I’ll write about them as I try them.

My total bill for groceries came up to just under $220. At first I though it was quite high, but I did buy quite a few items that are going to last, hopefully, longer than this week – olive oil, frozen berries, nama shoyu (raw soy sauce), herbal teas, and few other things. Adjusting for those items, and for the fact that I am not going to be spending money on take out, the cost of living on raw might turn out to be about the same as on cooked vegan diet. I expect that I will have to go food shopping twice a week, although my second trip will likely be only for greens.

The first item that I tried as soon as I got back home was kale chips. They are made from dehydrated kale glazed with cashews, olive oil, and a lot of spices. The result is a salty (in a good way) treat, that is crunchy, yet it literally melts in your mouth. The verdict: they are absolutely fantastic!

Raw kale chips

Raw kale chips

This relatively small bag is not cheap at $4.99, but it packs two servings at 160 calories each, providing 5g of protein, 110% of daily vitamin A requirements, 80% of vitamin C, 6% of calcium, and 10% of iron (based on 2,000 calorie diet). 110 of those 160 calories are from fat, so it’s certainly just an occasional snack – but unlike potato chips, it’s a very nutritious one.

I have decided to make green smoothies the centerpiece of my diet during the 30 day raw food challenge. Not just because they are nutritious, but also because I am too lazy too prepare a full raw meal every time I want to eat :-) Since the smoothies contain all the fiber from the veggies and fruit that go into them, nothing is lost, unlike it would be with juicing.

From time to time I am going to use a green smoothie recipe from a book or one that I’ve found on line, but most of the time I am going to just take the next green in the rotation, add some fruit, and then see what else can be added. In short, I am just going to have fun playing with it.

This day was pretty uneventful as far as how I felt, which is not unexpected. I am sure that as time passes, and I have not had anything cooked for a longer period of time, I am going to have more to report.

Although I do not have much weight to loose, I would not mind shredding a few pounds. I am not planning on reporting this daily, since weight can fluctuate by a few pounds from day to day, but I will mention where I stand from time to time. Today, I began the day at 155 pounds.

My meals today were:

Meal #1 @ 1:00pm

Half a bag of kale chips and a green smoothie (32oz) made from:

  • 2.5 oz mixed herb salad greens
  • big handful of baby spinach leaves
  • handful of alfalfa sprouts
  • handful of goji berries
  • 1.5 stalks of celery
  • 2.5 medium bananas
  • water and ice
Morning green smoothie

Morning green smoothie

Meal #2 @ 4:15pm

A fuji apple and a strawberry-kiwi pudding. The pudding was very good, but a bit too fatty – the avocado I had was very large, so perhaps that’s why. Next time I’ll try to use more of everything else in this recipe.

Strawberry kiwi pudding

Strawberry kiwi pudding

Followed the above with a handful of goji berries.

Meal #3 @ 7:30pm

A green smoothie (32oz) made from:

  • handful of baby spinach
  • 4 chard leaves
  • handful of parsley
  • 2.5 frozen bananas
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • water
Evening green smoothie

Evening green smoothie

This is a very good green smoothie, although if you are new to drinking your greens, skip parsley, as it causes this smoothie to have a bitter aftertaste. The hemp seeds, on the other hand, add a nice light nutty flavor to it and they are a great source of protein and essential fatty acids.

In addition to the three meals, I had the following snacks today:

  • 1 date
  • 2 raw macaroons – store bought. 1 cacao flavor, 1 berry flavor – both heavenly
  • 1 ginger tea
  • handful of a sprout mix – green peas, adzuki beans, lentils

Let’s see what day 2 will bring :-)

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