Raw food talk with Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch

by Bart on November 16, 2009

Yesterday, I attended my first local raw food meetup. And as luck would have it, two very well known raw food educators, Matt Monarch, and his wife, Angela Stokes-Monarch, were there to share with us their experiences.

The meetup was in a private home, and with 30 people attending, it was a bit crowded, but that only added to the positive atmosphere. I am sure that a half empty auditorium, or a similar venue, would have been less helpful in connecting with the message in Matt’s and Angela’s talks.

For those who do not know about them – a bit of a background.

After spending his college days as a president of his fraternity, and I would imagine enjoying all the fun that went along with that, Matt got a corporate job at MTV. Some time later, he was introduced to raw foods, and decided to jump right in – he became 100% raw overnight. It just made sense to him that such diet would be best for him to increase longevity and prevent degenerative diseases. This was over a decade ago.

Few months later, Matt quit his job to create businesses dedicated to educating others about raw foods. He has since wrote a number of books and is currently traveling the country on a speaking circuit.

Angela Stokes-Monarch grew up in Great Britain. Thyroid problems that first manifested when she was 11, caused her to gain a lot of weight during her teen years. As a young woman, with her weight at about 300 pounds, she was introduced to raw foods. She decided to take a plunge and in time she released 160 pounds of excess weight. She has since written a number of books about her experiences and has spent considerable time educating people all over the world about raw foods.

In 2008, her story was one of the top health related stories on CNN. I’ve already shared with you this short CNN video featuring Angela, but here it is again :-)

The original article can be found on CNN’s web site.

But, back to yesterday…

We had a pleasure to listen to both Matt and Angela speak. They are both very informative and quite entertaining speakers. Even though they spend all their time on the road – two days earlier they were in Maryland, day before in Pittsburgh, PA, and yesterday at the Jersey Shore – they have a tremendous amount of energy, which in itself is a great testament to the power of raw foods.

Matt was speaking first. His talk was a bit under 2 hours, but I do not think there was anyone in the room who would think it was too long. It would take a book or two to describe everything he talked about, which is probably why he wrote a few, but some of the main things I got from his talk are:

  • 100% raw is not for everyone
  • getting healthier, or doing more to prevent disease in the future, is more about what you take out of your diet than what you actually eat, with processed sugars and processed starches being the worst offenders. Even worse than animal proteins.
  • colon hydrotherapy is a great way to help a person detox – although Matt provided some good arguments, I’ll remain skeptical for now ;-)
  • yo-yoing between various levels of healthy eating is not a good thing to do – it’s better to make small increments in quality of your diet than to jump in for a few months into 100% raw, than go back to eating cheeseburgers, than go back to raw, etc.

Overall, there was a lot of good information in his talk for all levels of current and aspiring raw foodists.

After Matt’s speech, we took a break, about 20 minutes long, to stretch our legs, socialize, and check out some products that Matt and Angela sell, both books and raw foods and ingredients. As I was in the kitchen, talking to the local raw food chef who created many of the goodies I had mentioned previously on this blog (Buffalo Bites, Pizza Rolls, etc), Matt recorded this video:

This was yesterday’s installment of their nearly daily show on YouTube, called The Raw Food World TV Show.

After the break, Angela took the stage. Her talk, accompanied by a number of props, was mostly about her story of weight loss and the challenges, both physical and emotional, that she encountered on this journey. Angela also shared with us her thoughts on detoxification, her 92 day juice feast, and her, as well as Matt’s, plans for the future.

Overall, it was a great experience. When I was first researching raw foods, a bit over two months ago, I spent dozens of hours watching older episodes of their TV show, so it was very cool to meet them in person and learn even more.

I was hoping to take some pictures, but unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me, and with lights dimmed, it would have been impossible to get a good photo without a flash.

If you’d like to learn more about Matt and Angela, here are a few links:

Another great thing about the meetup, of course, was that I got to meet and talk to a few local raw foodists. I can certainly see more raw meetups and potlucks in my future :-)

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