My non-raw Thanksgiving – eating my first big cooked meal after the raw food trial

by Bart on December 3, 2009

Note: This post contains description of certain bodily functions. You have been warned! :-)

After having been eating between 90 and 100% raw for almost 50 days, I wanted to try a larger cooked meal – to see what happens. Given that transitioning to raw, and later incorporating small amounts of cooked foods back into my diet, I experienced no problems, I did not expect anything out of ordinary to happen this time either.

I have been eating vegan foods exclusively since 2001, so I was not going to try a turkey carcass, but I decided to eat as badly as I could – let’s call it… for scientific reasons ;-)

Like in years past, I prepared my Thanksgiving feast, which was made of:

  • half of a Tofurky
  • half a container of mushroom gravy (made by the same company that makes the Tofurky)
  • 2 very large potatoes, mashed with quite a bit of Earth Balance
  • 1 can of jellied cranberries, yes the kind with high fructose corn syrup – I am living on the edge here!

The result looked like this:

Cooked Thanksgiving feast

Cooked Thanksgiving feast

This was A LOT of food and I have to admit, it tasted great.

But at the same time, it was not as satisfying as I had expected it to be. This was especially true of the mashed potatoes. They were ok, but that comforting feeling that eating them usually creates was all but gone.

I had this meal quite early on Thanksgiving Thursday, and due to its size I did not have to eat again that day.

The next morning, I decided that since I had the other half of the Tofurky left over, I should repeat the meal for brunch. This time, however, I cut back on the mashed potatoes by about a half, and on the Earth Balance in them by about three quarters.

This meal was also pretty good, but because it was much smaller, few hours later I started to feel hungry. It was time to get back to eating raw and a green smoothie seemed like a good idea.

It was not.

Only about 15 minutes after I had the smoothie, frequent and fairly… violent trips to the bathroom begun. The discomfort (that’s such a mild word!) lasted only for an hour or two, but for the next two days I had a problem with gas like I have never experienced before. To put things in perspective – even I did not want to be in the same room with myself ;-)

Eventually, thank goodness, that too went away.

So the lesson learned is as follows… eating an occasional bigger cooked meal won’t cause me too much trouble… if I let it digest before having a large raw meal.

Now that I got this experiment out of the way, I am back to eating great majority of my meals raw, except for an occasional chocolate tofu knish :-) I am finally planning on going to Kaya’s Kitchen, a local vegan restaurant, this Saturday, but I will definitely have something much lighter and smaller than what I ate for Thanksgiving.

And it won’t be followed by a smoothie!


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