Craving greens

by Bart on September 30, 2009

Last night I came to a realization that I have been eating high raw for 3 days – without even knowing it.

Between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon, I had a total of about 1,000 – 1,500 calories from cooked foods: two chocolate tofu knishes, a bit of hummus, two tortilla wraps, and some almonds. All my other food was raw. During that time I ate about 6,000 calories, making my raw food consumption to be about 75% – 80% of total.

That “streak” was broken yesterday evening. My usual Tuesday night routine for the last few months was to get take out from Kaya’s Kitchen, my favorite local vegetarian restaurant. I usually order two appetizers, two entrees and get a dessert or two. Of course, only a portion of that is eaten Tuesday night, with the remainder incorporated into the next day’s breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner.

The food at Kaya’s is amazing – so good in fact, that last time I moved locally, I made sure to find a place within a very short distance of the restaurant. This was so important that I decided against moving into an oceanfront condo that was 10 miles away from Kaya’s (but not before I snapped a photo from its balcony):

Condo with a view

Condo with a view

Why would I share this seemingly random bit of information about myself?

To put the following in perspective…

This morning in my fridge you could have found a delicious Enchilada, an untouched entree of Teriyaki with Soy Nuggets, and a half an order of Mississippi BBQ Seitan Ribs (so juicy that my omnivorous friends say “WOW!” when they try them). And I could have had any of them for breakfast, as I usually do.

Instead, I made a large 40 oz green smoothie. Not because I somehow felt compelled to drink one due to my ongoing exploration of raw foods… but because I simply craved one. Weird.

Having watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos, I am aware that after extended period of time eating only raw foods, people tend to find cooked foods somewhat… disappointing when they try them again. They simply do not taste as good as people tend to remember them tasting.

This is not surprising as taste is an acquired thing (at least to some extent) – I have experienced significant changes in what I consider tasty after going vegan in 2001. The most notable being salt – at this point I cannot imagine why people use salt when cooking potatoes or rice – there is so much flavor in both of them without a need for salt.

But my craving for greens this morning surprised me, especially given that I have not been eating all raw, or even significant amounts of raw for any extended period of time.

Of course I had the enchilada, seitan ribs, and the teriyaki later on in the day. And they still tasted delicious, thank goodness.

My morning smoothie was made from:

  • half a head of romaine lettuce
  • one collard leaf
  • one stalk of celery
  • three bananas – I usually use two, but the ones I have this week are somewhat small
  • one teaspoon of flax oil
  • water an ice

It was delicious, even though not very sweet.

I also had a green smoothie in the evening. It was made from:

  • four collard leaves
  • a fuji apple
  • handful of baby carrots
  • water and ice

It was tasty – the sweetness of the apple and carrots countered nicely the bitterness of collard greens.

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