After the raw food trial – my first cooked meal

by Bart on November 14, 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, the result of my 30 day raw food trial was neutral. I have not experienced any problems – no headaches, cravings, or any other “detox” symptoms, but at the same time, I have not noticed much of positive changes either.

The exception was weight loss, which is not a surprise. As I have been reviewing what I ate over those 30 days, I can see that I ate significantly less than what I had normally eaten on a cooked vegan diet. I believe that I was able to do that for two reasons:

  • I was eating foods that were much more nutritionally dense, so I did not have to eat as much, especially in the later part of the 30 days being raw
  • there were less occasions to overeat – even though I have a serious sweet tooth, after about 3-4 dates, I have enough of sweet foods for the rest of the day. I could easily eat 3-4 times as much in sweet calories eating non-raw vegan cookies or a few slices of cake.

As a result of the trial, I am planning on transitioning to eating about 50% raw during the Winter months. But, at the same time, I am not in a hurry to quickly increase the amount of cooked vegan foods I am consuming.

When I went out shopping on the last day of my trial, 6 days ago, I purchased only one non-raw item – a chocolate tofu knish. This 300 calorie pastry is something I would have 3-4 times per week before the raw food trial – it is a low calorie lunch that’s convenient to take on the road and easily keeps me satisfied until dinner time. Not to mention that it’s delicious :-)

Chocolate tofu knish

Chocolate tofu knish

It was not until Thursday, two days ago, that I decided to break my 99.9% raw streak, and have the knish for lunch. Not because I craved it, but because I was curious as to how my body would react to eating something so different after 33 and a half days.

Many people who eat 100% raw for more than a week report that their bodies do not like cooked foods once they are reintroduced into their systems. Some common complaints are feelings of tiredness, sluggishness, headaches and digestive issues. Although most of those are short lived. Some people also report that the cooked food doesn’t taste as they remember it.

Chocolate tofu knish

Chocolate tofu knish

For me, just as I have not experienced much of a change when eating raw, having the chocolate tofu knish not resulted in anything unusual. I might have as well had a salad for lunch that day :-)

And it did taste as good as I remembered it.

Perhaps once I start eating more cooked foods I’ll experience something different. For now, all my other meals have been raw, with my diet being very similar to what I had been eating during the trial.

The other day I’ve purchased a few more knishes for next week, and I did buy a frozen Tofurky, as I had each Thanksgiving for the past 8 years.

Although, to be honest, I have not yet decided whether I’ll eat the Tofurky or give it away after the holidays. I just did not want be without one, as almost happened to me few years ago :-)

But back to talking about raw food…

Tomorrow should be a fun day, as I will be attending my first local raw food meetup. So far over 20 people RSVPd yes, and there are still a few maybes. Long time raw foodists and educators Matt and Angela Monarch will be visiting as well. I’ll report my impressions of their talk and the meetup itself in a post next week.

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Peggy November 14, 2009 at 11:42 pm

That’s interesting about the lack of changes/differences you’ve noticed. I still haven’t taken the step to raw other than some green smoothies and a few salads but I will still get there. Someday. I may have to ease into it although a 30-day (or even 7-day) trial seems like a better way to do it. I wonder about how my nearly-5-year-old will react (he’s already a picky eater) and the fact that there are so many nuts in the raw diet; his school is completely nut-free. I don’t want to be making two meals all the time so it will take some planning and organizing and dedication.

Looking forward to that day for me though. I’ve enjoyed reading back in your blog and will continue to read each new post.

Bart November 15, 2009 at 10:23 pm

Green smoothies are definitely a great way to begin. I’ve been actually drinking them for almost two years, although only perhaps 1 or 2 per week, and most of the time it was kale/spinach/apple/celery combination. I never thought of using bananas or berries in them until I started researching raw foods.

I think easing into eating raw, as opposed to jumping into a 100% raw food diet, makes a lot of sense, especially if you have some additional challenges – like other people in your life who you need to feed :-) Replacing the really bad foods, like refined sugars, drinking green smoothies, and making some raw alternatives (zucchini pasta with raw marinara, for example) is a good way to get more raw into your day to day diet. And it will make easier to transition to 100%, whether that be as a trial, or as a more permanent way of eating.

And thanks for reading :-)

Johanna Petersson December 6, 2009 at 4:45 pm


I was in New York recently and tried these Tofu Knishes and LOVED them!
The apple flavor was my favourite :)
Perhaps you could help me with something!
I bake a lot myself and I only need to know the ingredients in this product so I can improvise and make my own recipe!

// johanna

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