30 day raw food trial – two weeks later

by Bart on November 25, 2009

It’s been a little bit over two weeks since my 30 day raw food trial ended, so I thought an update would be in order.

At the end of the trial I decided to continue eating a lot of raw vegan foods, while increasing my cooked meals to about 50% of my total caloric intake. At least for the duration of the upcoming colder months. This has been harder to do than I had expected.

During the first 14 days after the trial, I’ve eaten a little bit over 24,000 calories, 1,500 of which were in the form of 5 chocolate tofu knishes – the only non-raw item, aside from tea, that I’ve had so far. This means that I’ve been around 93 – 94% raw during that period.

I wanted to have a full cooked vegan dinner, either from Kaya’s Kitchen or Veggie Brothers, but I just could not bring myself to eating one. Don’t get me wrong, I am not denying myself… it was actually the same voice that normally says: “Oh, come on, have that extra piece of cake”, that was saying: “have a green smoothie, have a green smoothie”. That voice is hard to ignore, and so I ate raw instead :-)

But I think I can do it. I think I can have a cooked Thanksgiving. I really want to see what the effect of eating a bigger cooked meal will be, especially since eating raw, and now eating few small cooked meals, made little difference in how I am feeling. I am just very curious to see what happens.

And of course, I will report my findings here. :-)

During the last two weeks I have been eating much the same meals I had during the trial. I’ve made raw zucchini pasta, lazy man’s hummus, almond milk and a few other things. I also had a chance to try two new meals made by one of the local raw food chefs.

The first one was Flautas, which were very similar in taste to pizza rolls, although the dipping sauce was more like chunky salsa with corn, than marinara sauce. They were quite good.



Flautas label

Flautas label

The other item I tried was Chunky Chili.

Raw chunky chili

Raw chunky chili

Raw chunky chili label

Raw chunky chili label

Wow… this thing was spicy. I had to eat a banana and a few dates immediately afterwards. :-)

After having it for the first time I did not think I’d buy it again, but I could not stop myself going back for seconds… and thirds :-) Other than the spiciness, which I came to appreciate, the raw chunky chili tastes excellent. The only unusual thing about it is the crunchiness of raw veggies in it – something you do not normally experience in a cooked chili, and as such is not associated with the taste of chili. It did not take anything away from the quality of the meal, though.

I also decided to continue to write down everything I eat, although I do this in a private notebook in Evernote, rather than on a web site. Doing this really helps to plan meals. In addition to writing down my meals, I also note the day’s weather and whether I am working or have a day off, as well as general activity level, if unusual. I want to see if there are any patterns in how my diet changes over time.

And finally, my weight has stabilized in the 143-145 pound range. I am eating more calories than I ate during the 30 days of the trial, so I think that accounts more for the lack of further weight loss than adding the few chocolate tofu knishes to my diet.

That range might change as of Friday morning, though ;-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


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