3 things to do before going raw for 30 days

by Bart on October 2, 2009

I’ve decided that I have now acquired enough knowledge to be able to survive 30 days eating just raw foods. Without giving in to cravings and temptations that is. And so I am going to begin my 1 month trial of raw food lifestyle on Saturday, October 10.
Why not start today?
There are at least three reasons.
1. I want to clear out my fridge and freezer

Long, long time ago (well… five years or so actually), there was a great vegetarian restaurant in Belmar, NJ. It was called Veggie Works. But the day came when its owner, Mark Rasmussen, decided to sell it and move on. All was not lost, however, as the new owner decided to keep the tradition alive… and so Kaya’s Kitchen was born – with a menu that was similar in style to its predecessor.

Few years later, Mark opened another business catering to vegetarians and vegans everywhere. To be able to serve more people than a single restaurant ever could, his new company – Veggie Brothers – produces frozen, restaurant style vegan meals that can be purchased over the internet and sent right to your door.

As you can imagine, my freezer is usually full of them, but over the last few weeks I have been clearing them out. This morning, for example, I had one of my absolute favorites – Seitan Medallions. I recommend you try them. Over a bed of brown rice preferably.

I also have few cans of Brain Toniq left, a container or two of hummus, some spelt tortilla wraps and some other non-raw items that I would have hated to throw out.
At the same time I will try not to buy too many non-raw items when food shopping this weekend.
2. I want to order some goodies that are not normally stocked in one’s pantry
There are some ingredients that show up in raw recipes that I’ve never tried before… raw cacao, chia and hemp seeds, irish moss, and few other items that aren’t even carried by my local health food store. This 30 day trial is a perfect excuse to try new and “exotic” foods, and of course, I will share my impressions.
3. I want to have as many days without a need to work away from home as possible
Because of the way my telecommuting schedule works and a few vacation days I am planning on taking, starting my 30 day trial on the 10th will mean that I’ll have lots of time to adjust to the new diet, before I have to worry about what to take with me to work for lunch and snacks. I am already carrying a thick briefcase and a laptop bag with me every time I go to the office – to add a cooler with a smoothie, fruit and veggies might be a bit too much. I’ve already been asked, once or twice, whether I was moving in :-)
Eventually, I’ll have to figure that out, but by then, I’ll surely be a raw food lifestyle trial veteran!

Now I just need to figure out where, other than on line, I can buy mason jars of various sizes. Green smoothies, and many other raw items, should really not be stored in plastic containers.

The countdown begins.

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Charisse Quarles October 10, 2010 at 8:03 pm

I would like to stay in contact with you while you “GO RAW”. I am just started to do the much needed research. I would like to obtain a healthy life style( I am treid of feeling horrible after almost every meal or being sleepy…usually both). However, I want it to taste good so that my teenage daughter will eat it too. Best of luck on your first day. Please keep me posted. Thank you, Charisse Quarles

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