The Master Cleanse – Day 10

by Bart on March 29, 2010


I did it! :-)

Yes, I am, sadly, done.

Even as recently as 24 hours ago, I was sure I am going to go for at least 14 days, if not 20. But things changed when I was woken up with very painful cramps at around 4:30am. These rivaled those from day 5 in intensity, but lasted much longer. And all that in spite of having had much “lighter” senna tea.

When your body is telling you stop, it’s worth listening :-)

Yesterday my day was similar to day 8. Great energy, no hunger, and nothing unusual happening.

Today, after my morning misadventures, I was not able to fall asleep again, so I was actually a bit tired most of the day. If it wasn’t for the fact that I got plenty of sleep the previous two nights, I probably would have been miserable.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I firmed up my decision to quit the cleanse today, I started to get hungry much quicker after having my lemonade. I’ve already had my 6 cups, and it’s almost time for two more. Then, I probably go to bed to get some rest before the big day tomorrow :-)

There will, of course, be no senna tea tonight, and no salt water flush in the morning. But there will be freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. If this experience is anything like I remember from my first two cleanses, I should be in a very good mood for the rest of the day ;-)

The official guide to the Master Cleanse calls for a slow transition to eating normal foods. Day 11 should consist of OJ, lemonade, and perhaps grapefruit juice. Day 12 should be similar, but freshly made vegetable soup can be had for dinner. The desired combination of those meals can be enjoyed on day 13, with lighter versions of normal meals on days 14 and later.

To end both of my previous Master Cleanses, I accelerated this schedule somewhat and ended up having soup on day 11 for lunch. I experienced no issues doing that, and that is my plan for tomorrow as well.

Later in the week I’m going to incorporate fruit like bananas, perhaps mashing them with some cinnamon, and some apples made into apple sauce. I might even make a green smoothie, if I am in the mood. But I probably won’t try anything heavier like tofu, until the weekend.

Overall, it was a good cleanse. I felt great for most of the time, and aside from the first few days hunger was not an issue. If it was not for the cramps and the very early morning wake up “calls”, I would have certainly continued.

The salt water flush is really nothing to worry about on the cleanse. Well, other than having a bathroom close by for a few hours afterwards. The drink can be downed in under a minute using a straw and taking long gulps. I also discovered that distracting yourself can make drinking the salt water even easier. I’ve been listening to podcasts while doing so, and it made it very easy to finish the entire quart in no time.

After I am back to eating my regular diet, I am going to start incorporating more raw foods again, especially since Spring is here. I think the theme for the next few months will be healthy dressings :-)

Time to make my last spicy lemonade…


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The Master Cleanse – Day 8

by Bart on March 27, 2010


Today pretty much followed the pattern of the last few days. With one big exception – after my early morning lax tea induced bathroom adventures, I went back to sleep. And did not wake up until 10:20am :-)

Ahhh… that felt good.

Although, between going to sleep very late last night, and being up for almost two hours early in the morning (most of it was not lax tea related), I probably got only a little bit more sleep than during other nights on the cleanse.

I did not want to drink my first lemonade soon after my salt water flush, so I did not have the first two cups until almost 2:00pm. By the time it was 6:00pm, I had to make myself have cups 3 and 4. I was not hungry at all, and getting “food” just seemed like an inconvenience :-)

Since 6 cups are the absolute minimum one should be having on the cleanse, I had another two at 8:00pm. Strangely enough, just now, is the first time today I am feeling a mild hunger.

It was a great day energy-wise, and nothing unusual happened. I am probably going to skip posting tomorrow, unless things change, because, well, there is nothing new to report.

Day 10 will be interesting because I am going to make a decision whether to end the cleanse or extend it further. During my past cleanses, I was already greatly bored of the lemonade by now, but that has not yet happened this time. I feel that I could really do this for quite a while longer.

That, of course, might change in the next 43 hours. But if it does not by then, my Monday evening trip to the store will be to buy more lemons and nothing more.

If I do extend my Master Cleanse, it will be to 14 days. At which point I will consider whether to extend it further. But I’ve also set an upper limit of 20 days. If, by any chance, I get that far, I’ll call it quits regardless of how I am feeling. Eating might seem like an inconvenience, but I hear it’s good for you ;-)

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